Existing Business

Keeping up with the Joneses

Rebranding is a slippery slope. Don’t find out the hard way, there’s a lot more to a successful rebrand than merely tweaking your logo and hoping it will go over well. Your target audience is changing with the times, and you should too! Not just to maintain interest, but, more importantly, your business. If your competition is biting off a painful chunk of your market share, a brand makeover could save your neck.

Let us Rebrand and help Modernize your Business.

Rebranding may seem like a daunting task, especially for those who have already built a successful business. Do I make drastic changes? Will my business and its brand still be recognized? Truth be told, your branding image can likely be modernized and/or changed fairly easily without having any drastic effect on your existing image. Consider many of the biggest brands in the world today, you may not have noticed, they too have recently either modernized or rebranded. Regardless of the current status of your business, we're here to help.

Working Together

By using our range of design services. Let us analyze your existing brand and, with our thorough understanding of your business, we’ll identify and design a rebranding solution to meet both current and future needs. We'll work with you, let us know how far you’re willing to go, working together to ensure the project fits within your budget.

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Design Services for Businesses

Design Services for Your Business

We offer a complete scope of design services to all types of customers, including existing businesses. You might be a new company looking to boost your promotional material, or perhaps you're an established company who's looking to partner with a design studio like us. Regardless of the situation, we can help. We provide graphic design services for anyone. Contact us today and request a quote.

  • Vector Logo Recreation
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Rebranding Projects
  • Banners

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Promote Your Services or Products Online

Website Design Services

Well done! Now that you've established a successful business, get ready to take it to the next level with a Website. This is where we come in! We'll implement a Wordpress Website for you that has many advantages. Your website will be an economical and practical solution that's easily accessible by anyone 24/7. Consider it your "round the clock" sales team. The Wordpress framework we use has advanced interfaces and coding that are easy to use, making your Website extremely scalable. Want to update it on your own? We'll even show you how!

Responsive Websites

What is a Responsive Website you may ask? Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience - that means easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices! (desktop computers, tablets, cell phones etc..)

Custom Website Designs

Why re-invent the wheel! We use only the latest in Wordpress themes/frameworks in order to save you money. What this basically means is we do all the work and research into selecting and changing a theme/framework to make sure that your new website looks and performs the way it should.

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Email and Website Hosting for Businesses

Get A Professional E-Mail Account

Nothing looks less professional than receiving an email from flameboy365@gmail.com. With our email hosting, you can have whatever email address you like. Get a professional e-mail account, now's the time!

Website Hosting: Migrate or Start Anew

Whether you have an existing site and want to migrate, or start-up fresh, we can offer a website hosting solution that will work for you. Typically Migrations for new accounts are free taking a minimal amount of time. For a fresh start, enjoy no additional fees other than the hosting itself. Get started today! Get in touch with us for details

Email Only

R49/ month


  • FREE Setup
  • Unlimited Web Traffic
  • Storage Space 750mb
  • Up to 10 mailboxes
  • Add/Remove Accounts
  • Domain Name +R150 / year
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E-Mail & Web

R99/ month


  • Unlimited Web Traffic
  • Storage Space 2gb
  • Up to 25 mailboxes
  • 99.9% Up-Time
  • Email plan Included
  • Domain Name +R150 / year
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