Web & Graphic Design Services for Your:

New Business

Well done! Now that you have started your own business, You need Design Services. You could put your amazing clip-art talents to use OR partner with us


Existing Business

Successful business owners know the importance of an exceptional, professional brand image. If you've come to us for your business design services, then you're one of the smart ones.


Why partnering with us makes sense!

Netix Studio is a design & development agency from Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in design for start-up businesses and believe that the graphic and website design processes should be enjoyable, easy and most importantly cost-effective.

Netix Studio was put together especially for you, our client! Our aim is to create a relationship that lasts, and as your partner in graphic design, share in a growth that’s mutually beneficial. We ensure your success by providing you with a complete suite of graphic design and website design services as your business grows. As your business grows, the need for web and graphic design services increases and that’s why partnering with us makes perfect sense!